Our home a dwelling place, kids race, kids raised some go, some stay
too longs at times it has rhythm like beats to a song.
Our home four walls with many rooms that consume our valuable
not talking materials; taking about us, ours; what we have in the
spiritual. Friendship, forgiveness and love those thing that can't
be lost, that can't be traded nor taken away. Family, togetherness,
happiness, and immeasurable tolerance, an inconceivable incision
a scare surgically stitching the open wounds: Our home is just that
not perfect, but yet not all that bad; some may cry and yes some
will be sad, but with a loving wife, and Godly dad this home
our home can and will survive the trials that a home can brings.
In time the home becomes wiser kids are now gone it's just mom
and me keepingthis home for the grandkids to see; to have a place
run and to roamand someday call this place their home.

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