February, 2012: Trayvon Martin was killed,
Reminds me of back in '55, what happened to Emmett Till.
Killer fighting for justice knowing he's the reason Trayvon's dead,
Milam didn't care when he shot Emmett in the head.
Trayvon had Skittles and Arizona,
Emmett had his father's ring.
The suspects claim self-defense
When no harm can be committed by these things.
Milam and Bryant took Emmett from where he stayed,
At the bottom of the Tallahassee River was where his body laid.
Can't forget Raynard Johnson who was hung from a tree;
People are getting killed just for liking what they see.
Trayvon Martin on the ground,
Pronounced dead at the scene, with no pulse and no sound.
We're supposed to be united, we're supposed to be a team.
We're supposed to live the life Dr. Martin saw in his dream.

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