She bled unspoken words from her fingertips
Watched as they fell from the ends of her hands
Until the paper beneath her was smothered
In thoughts, she could not understand
The words danced with glee on the paper
As they worked upon forming straight lines
They’d escaped from the cage were she’d locked them
And jumped free of her body’s confines
She couldn’t stop them from telling her stories
Couldn’t hide them by biting her tongue
So she watched with wide-open eyes as they shifted
They told stories she’s long forgotten
Swept into the dustiest parts of her mind
And stories she’s worked to keep hidden
Ones she prayed that nobody would find
As she watched the words dances get slower
And then finally come to rest
She felt a smile creep over her features
And a great weight lifts off her shoulders
She’s thought that her words were all worthless
But the paper was left with nowhere to hide
And she finally noticed the beauty within
That she’s always kept bottled inside

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