Inner battles

Inner battles

They say close your eyes
Just take a deep breath
Clear your thoughts
And don't let them in

But when I'm alone
They find their way back
These walls I built can't keep them out
They're bigger than that

I try to fight them off
But I'm not strong enough
They know all my weaknesses
And they're using it against me

They don't play by the rules
They fight their battles with discouragement
Using my pain as their biggest weapon
While I'm fighting with broken hands

I'm dead but I'm still breathing
I ran out of reasons
Fighting for a lifeless life
But I refused to capitulate

The battle was tough
They stabbed me with pain
They punched me with truth
They threw my past at me

But I stood tall and shouted
I will not allow you to harden me
I will not allow you to make me bitter
My past doesn't define me

You can't come in anymore
You can't destroy me any further
You cannot exist without me
And I'm letting you go now

I forgive them
I forgive myself
I have a future to attend to
And you must go

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