Inner Spirit

Ideas that make a better way,
Have yet to see the light of day.
The word and pen; the stroke and brush,
simply await your creative touch.
Vibrations carry underground.
Whispers lighter than a sound.
Let them speak to you, if you will.
The music comes to those who are still.
Light the dark so we can see it.
Take on the pilgrim spirit.
Blaze a trail. Redefine.
Carry the baton of our time.
As you journey through the halls,
There are markings on the walls.
Let them shape your world, if you will.
Answers come to those who are still.
Ask not what there is to do.
It's your humming engine that beckons you.
He who is truly at his best,
pushes standards at which we rest.
Can you hear the drumming start?
It is the beating of your heart.
May it guide you, if it will.
Rhythm comes to those who are still.
Seek ye the pulse of man.
You will find it there, in your hand.

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