Inner Strength

To be a flower radiant in the dark
Have Eyes filled with a hopeful spark
And have determination as stubborn as the roots of a tree
Is all we need to be truly free.

Free from the curse of sorrow
To be able to look for a hopeful tomorrow
Free to live as we may please
To be able to feel life's breeze

Wisdom is what I wish to gain
But why must there be this sorrow and pain
I realize without hardships there will be nothing to attain
But why? Can anyone explain?

It's human nature to look for the good
So how can we create sorrow or are we just misunderstood
We search for happiness yet end up causing one to despair
One's cruelness snatches our humanly kindness to care

We can't relinquish our dark side
One must accept it so dark and light can collide
In the end no matter which one wins
It's then when your true path begins

Like all the zodiac star signs
You must also leave this world with your own designs
Hope and happiness is a spark already lit
It's in one's contagious determination to never quit

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