You took away my innocence and I can't get that back
I can't
I don't share in conversations about my first
I just walk away and turn my back.

I was so young and didn't understand,
I was too immature to realize what was happening.
Now it's hard for me to love; hard to make sense;
I didn't have a clue about the consequence.

You took away my innocence and spent my time unfocused.
I tried to forget and erase the memories my mind,
But those things don't just go away,
They remained on me like a dirty stain.

I stayed angry and most of the time confused.
I wished it all away, because I was used.
I was sad; my heart was heavy, as I tried to move on.
Problem is the bad thoughts remained
It was hard to be strong.

You took away my innocence
And I have no more tears left to cry.
I finally decided to forgive you
And move on with my life.

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