A raging war between two lovers,
A war of passion unlike any others
They lash out in fury at one another
Then turn around and kiss each other
With words they cut each other deep
Promises neither one of them could keep.
Exhausted, but they can't afford to sleep

His eye on hers down the barrel of a shotgun
his finger on the trigger and the battles begun
Her heart beat races with fear
Her twisted lies sound so sincere
His knees go weak when he see's her pain
With nothing to lose and nothing to gain
With tears in her eyes and his heart in her hand
She collapse's with anguish on the bloodstained sand
The bullets fly and curse words are spoken
and in the end both of their hearts are broken

An Innocent heart caught in the crossfire
a wounded heart wrapped in barbed wire
She held onto him with all that she could
He pushed her away and there still she stood
She said on my grave place a dove
and remember this, I died for love.

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