Sweeter than the sunset
Out here tasting colors, hearing sounds unheard of by others
Basking in the bright light, oh my, my oh my,
what splendid wonders
Marshmallow clouds embedded within marmalade skies
Building castles with my mind
Strung out, as the stars amongst night's darkness
Line after line
Erasing all, and any sense of time
Bittersweet, sour fruit candy ties, this world is mine
Lemon eyes, wild and free; child like energy
Run away, run away
Bare feet, ballerina ways
Tip toe stance for days
Grounding myself with the trees
In fields of lush lavender and pretty daisies
My knees are skinned
Hair's a mess, that I can confess
I am lazy, some may call me crazy
Thoughts run rampant
My spirit
Well, she runs free, pain in flesh, no more
I'm gone with the wind
Not much left of my mind
Innocence once lost
Again found, residing within
Synchronicities come in gifts
Gypsy living
Hippy mind
Call me insane
But, I love me
I'm one of a kind

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