Every blade appears equally green
In the endless field before you,
but I assure you its plagued with the unclean.

The tainted sky shines without a cloud,
Yet you do not question its color
for you do not know any better.

The full moon bathes your innocent complexion,
Blinding you from the shadows
That slowly spread like an infection.

Joy and happiness is what you hear
while the rest watch silent, and in awe,
as the pain and suffering quickly disappear.

A bat in the daylight is what you are,
A blank canvas in an art gallery,
From dusk to dawn a silver shooting star.

My fear for you can never be delayed,
Nor can your innocence be protected
from the truth that will inevitably pervade.

I pray for your innocence,
I will cry for your previous self
suppressed by today's wickedness.


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