Innocence Lost

Innocence lost

Been the same old since like ever
never could separate salt from the sugar
liked making funny images of passing clouds
telling kids funny stories and laughing out loud

Then boy, one day you walked in
I shook like I have never been
and not that you do not know
but let me tell you anyhow
you had me at your first hello!!!

oh, it was good while it lasted didn’t it?
magic, how we both seemed like a perfect fit
straight from the story books as they say
Prince and princess oh, so very gay!
fell for you so damn hard and fast
my heart has felt something unsurpassed

but then u told me....
"oh, baby do you know?
my heart is not with you anymore"
oh! that casual cruelty
saying, “it’s just my honesty”
Somehow you managed to escape
but I’m still hear loving you just the same

funny after everything I still think of
your laugh, that wink and days when you did love
but boy look what you have done
taught me way too many lessons
the person staring back at me from the mirror
suddenly became a stranger
You just walked away saying maybe we are star crossed
but honey here I’m, broken bruised and innocence lost!

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