Every thug, was once nothing but love,
Butterfly kisses and big bear hugs,
Now it's hits and shoves,
Tell me what went so wrong,
Turning soda cans into bongs,
Then graduating into white lines,
Unthinkable crimes,
Inhale dusters poison leaves nothing but a rotted mind,
why can't we press rewind....
Let's go back in time, back when his daddy was his best friend,
Before girlfriends,
No hearts to mend,
Back when,
It was all pretend....
Just make believe,
Back before begging that same dad not to leave,
Back when his candy was red not white,
Let's go back and live even if it's just for one night,
Before the final moonlight,
Before the sirens faded out the cries,
Before she had to watch the life leave her youngest sons eyes,
The baby of the family never again to see the sun rise,
He really was wise but his intelligence didn't show in his actions,
He wanted to be a gangster but he gained no true satisfaction,
Blank faces, No reactions to the cruelness that's been chosen,
In the end there was no devotion,
He's was just another life cheated,
Why is the innocence we all hold so easily defeated?

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