Innocent loss

I am telling my story,
from a place that is foreign
to me.
It is dark and lonely here
and i fear that it is a place
where fourteen year olds
are not suppose to be.
Mom and dad will worry
if i'm not home on time.
They constantly remind me
that this world is filled with crime.
Staying to the right
when your friends choose left
sometimes makes it difficult
to always do your best.
Seems like i'm stuck here
for a while can hear weeping
from somewhere in the distance.
Where it comes from i do not know
but the sound is familiar
that is quite clear.
What is ever puzzling is
how i ever got here?
Seems like forever since i
kissed my mom or shook
dads hand.
And why don't they answer
when i call out to them
from this foreign land?
My moms gonna fuss
about the hole
in my shirt.
Like when i play football
and get covered in dirt.
My name is Trayvon Martin,
can't find my way home.
Lost my ice tea and skittles
and can't find my phone.

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