The world's gone crazy,it's at insanity's door.
Watching morality die while the fatalities soar.
Broken hearts,souls scarred,and families torn.
How can an innocent life be a casualty of war?
From the hip hop gangster to the fancy crook,
we've given criminality a romancing look.
Immortality is a myth,your life can be took.
Have we already forgotten the babies from "Sandy's hook"?
Who do we blame when someone turns psychotic?
When we live in a world that makes violence iconic?
Our reality is warped,it doesn't seem sane to me.
All these maniacs striving to leave a legacy.
Wanna see mayhem splashed across a magazine,
and as soon as one dies,another fills the vacancy.
It's like we're free falling,sky diving with no parachute.
A generation of "gamers" who aren't afraid ta shoot.
Suicide is plan B,so they're prepared ta lose.
Hunting one another like caribou.
They're so past ignorant,borderline illiterate.
The only skill they've ever mastered is how to be belligerent.
As an American Muslim,my heart goes out to Paris.
But to make evil synonymous with Islam is careless.
Hatred is a disease,many men share this,
and it's only through love do we have any hope to repair this.

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