Insanity by Grace

Oh! Where is the peace that fled from me?
Gone to a lock up in a psych ward-not free.

Emotions ran high as oppression consumed my core,
Homelessness turned to helplessness-oh God help me once more.

God give me the courage to break free from worldly thinking,
To be renewed by your spirit; it will keep me from sinking.

Some workers here oppress the patients even more,
By their inconsiderate tone-they look at us disrespectfully
like cattle at the door.....

So many tender hearts here that just need understanding
and love,
But they disregard our emotions putting prescribed drugs

God soon through your Kingdom will replace this
chaotic life,
Then at that time the righteous, will experience no strife.

Jehovah bring to you all the lowly and oppressed,
So they too can rise up again and forever be blessed!

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