Insanity March

Love grew one day
The touch of lips
Hands moving down your back
Smile in public
Giggles off our tongues
Your eyes stare into mine
Love turned to Envy
The way they smiled
The way they looked at you
You smile play along
Tug their hearts
Leave mine unplugged
Envy turned to War
Shouting matches
Cuss words fly
We both own black eyes
Pull cheap shots
Bring out a knife
War turned to Justice
With sleek black metal
With a trigger pull
I can't have you
They won't either
Hear the ring
Watch the tears
Justice has been served
Red, blue, red, blue
Oh, I love you
Click, click
Metal shuts
Dressed in black and white
Stripes for a formal gathering
Justice once again
Knotted Rope
Soapbox stand
Oh I love you still
Justice turned to Revenge
Kick stand
Lifeless limbs
You smile
Just the same
Now you're like me
Cycle's began
Revenge turned to Love
And now we start

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