Insanity or Anxiety?

Insanity can make one mad
Insanity can make one sad
insanities not all bad
a life of insanity is the life I had insanity can kill just by looks
insanity made me write these books of poems and stories I like to cook
so don't cut off my arm just to give me a hook
I'm not crazy and stuff
yes I tend to huff and puff
Over nothing at all To giggle at nothing
I love to write my songs and sing
I think insanity is hurting yourself and others
Another child picks their favorite colors
another child becomes a cutter
cuz they can't stand it anymore rather walk out the door
The anxiety of a child so great
on thin ice one will sometimes skate forgiving those they strongly hate
Keeping others up to date
with how they are and how they'll be that person sounds exactly like me
The anxiety of a child is so great
it's not time yet to celebrate
it's time to evaluate
the child and what they're worth
in this life on a planet they call Earth
The insanity of a child is so great makes the child a bad playmate
all she needs is someone to advocate
not frustrate
what they're trying to say.

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Insanity or anxiety? is about a person not knowing whether they are anxious or just purely insane.