insanty 2

my prison has no bars they lock the doors at ten, is this to keep the monsters out or to keep my monsters in?
the silence is so deafing, the voices are so loud, and when I try to speak to them my voice it makes no sound.
am I just a mad man? insane from my birth, torchered as a child, beat down for all it's worth.

they tell me this is love as they hold me in their arms, then beat me with their belts and soothe me with their charms, and when I try to cry out, on deaf ears it falls and still the voices come to me and this is what they call.

your nothing but a bastard you worthless piece of shit, why don't you take that razor and both your wrist do slit.
you'll never make it anywhere so why do you even try? your still a worthless piece of shit it's better if you die.

this taunting it goes on and on both night and day it seems, it's more like when I wake up than in my sleeping dreams.
for sleep it is so useless it comes and goes in spurts, always fleeting never staying for it I have to work.

but in my waking hours, that's when the nightmares come, and it's from those madding voices that I try to run.
but running isn't easy, for they never go away, always yelling always yelling blow your self away.............

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written while in a hospital