I am standing in the mirror
And what do I see?

I see an insecure little girl 
Who needs to be free.

I am standing in this mirror
And what do I see?

I see an insecure woman 
Who forgot how to become free
Of her insecurities.

I stood back and tried to 
Understand what happened to me.

Then it came to me 
That I was not free
Because I tried to look like others
instead of looking like me.

I imitated others
Which only shackled and chained me.

I felt like a prisoner bound with insecurities.

The perms straightened my hair
But not my insecurities

The clothes looked cute
But I wore them for others 
And not for me.

My shoes were cute
But my feet were abused
Because I tried to wear the cutest
and highest heeled shoes.

In order to cover up my insecurities.

I wore the eyeshadow
While my insecure shadow
stood back and laughed at me.

But one day I said enough is enough 
I am about to become free.

Free of those filthy insecurities
That made me wrestle with the 
Beauty that was already in me.

So I threw away the perms 
And styled my natural hair.

I threw away the heels
And stopped abusing my feet.

I threw away my insecurities.

I put my eyeshadow on
But that insecure shadow 
No longer laughed at me.

And then I looked in the mirror
And I finally saw beauty.

That insecure little girl
And that insecure woman
Was now set free
Because I chose to love me 
for the way that God had created me.

And that was without 

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