Insecurity in the mirror

I’m the illegitimate child
The feeling is vile
I’m filling the vials
At the same time fulfilling my vows
I married the game
And see foes stealing my style
If only god can judge me
Guess I’m going to see him at trial
Life is a simile ock
I’ve skated thin ice
and did time in the penalty box
My life has been rash
Though I’ve tried to remedy pox
I’m mentally pac, This stars on a trek...
Have you ever seen Spock?
A stallion of course
The family takes pride in its stock
She’s trying to get back on the horse
Lady Godiva riding a cock
Sopranos a jock but you can say my pride is in shock
While trying to open up doors
I heard them sliding the lock
This the come up, think rising tide on a dock
Y’all blanket the truth then try and lie on the spot
I’m sly as a fox, a killer whale eyeing a croc
Y’all muddied the water, so now I’m crossing the border

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