Inside you are a prisoner, locked in a cell,
This time away is your personal living hell.
Inside you fight demons in all of your thoughts,
This time away twists your mind into knots.

Inside I hurt, my heart aches and it screams,
This time without you is like a bad dream.
Inside I feel a void, an all-consuming black hole,
This time without you eats away at my soul.

Inside those walls your dark days feel much longer,
Night time dreams make the demons seem stronger.
Inside you are stuck, in a place you don't fit,
Night time reminds you of a space you must now sit.

Inside our room I lie awake much too late,
Night time without you is something I hate.
Inside the darkness my tears drop, heavy as lead,
Night time without you makes me loathe this cold bed.

Inside our minds we know our bodies must wait,
The time spend apart will not change our fate.
Inside our hearts we know to each other we are true,
The time spent apart strengthens your love for me and mine for you.

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