Inside is Your World

When you're boiling inside and the steam won't come out..

you're tied and cuffed with a piece of tape on your mouth..

your temples are beating and no pill can make it stop..

you're focused and distorted and shivering, but not.

inside is your world..

inside is scrambled sense that no polish or shadow or glitter or flare,

can ease its pressure that's too damn much to bear..

you're falling inside with no net to catch you,

so you hang on with your life to the rope of your mind..

it's telling you to swing to a far away land..

across borders and oceans and bodies who don't understand..

which voice do you follow in this brain of options?

in this life of none?

in the tomorrow of a trend?

surrender to your lack of talent and sacred genius

worship the flaws that wrap you tight when you're up and dreaming and holding the night..

you wanna get away to trip and explore..

and maybe find that stranger that understands who you are..

while the path seems lost and a universe away

you know you smell the rainbow and see the music playing on the streets of someday..

you're soaking and dripping and lost in this world..

and need that guide, that key, that light to brighten the shine on your sword..

you sleep your mind and tease the rest

the tomorrow, the thought, the dreams, the test.

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