Inside Looking Out

I’ve got the Inside Looking Out Blues
Encompassed by sheet-rock walls, I stare out the window
Impressed by the Earth’s scenery, I see the World around me
I’m like a mourning husband and Mother Nature is my widow
I never go outside, but her Spirit still thrives
I sit at my desk, and there goes my love
Right out the window, She’s going wild
Reminding people inside to let things out
Relinquishing freedom from out to the inside
I’ve got the Inside Looking Out Blues
Enclosed by thick skull-bone, I keep it all in
I only tell Mother Nature what I don’t say out loud
Intuition will either drive you crazy or be your best friend
Arguing with your brain to agree with Mother Nature never gets outdated
I’ve got the Inside Looking Out Blues
Entrapped by human doubt, I’m afraid my Spirit has faded
Mother Nature comes to save me as I get stuck inside looking out
I’m afraid I’m missing out on things I wouldn’t mind living in forever
I would screw up time and live without patience for the rest of my life if I could
I love the fight I have with our one and only Mother Nature
I’ve got the Inside Looking Out Blues
I look down, and see the moving clouds making moving shadows
I love how Mother Nature talks to me
The outside breathes with me even if the Sun refuses to come out and shine
The daytime greets me and eases my egotistical tendency to become a Nazi of time
Mother Nature and I go crazy together, but time lets it slide
Concurrent with each other, it tears me apart limb from limb
She tells me to slow down, but the time is a boring sight
It’s exhilarating the things you see when Mother Nature tells you to look
Just let her in when she’s knocking; remember her Spirit fits perfectly inside

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