Inside Not Outside

White, Black, Purple, Brown, Big nose, small nose,
Long brows non we are all the same not on the outside
But on the inside, we should all have some pride aside
from the way you feel but some pride of the color and
the shape your body cuz lots of people have cried
because the shape of their body and the color of there
skin but why should people care about your chin
or if you're shaped like a pin or if you win you not
some tin that you should throw away and kick down
and your not a clown that should drown because
someone frown upon you cuz you are you and you can not
change who you are cuz even tho you are the way you
are and you should not change who you are
even if some cute guy or girl says you should
chang cuz you shouldn't care what
you look like ever love who you are

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