Inside of Me

My life slipping and shifting right in front of me.
Lost and confused my soul is permanently bruised.
By the thought that you're not coming home.
Looking down at your grave carrying so much pain.
Wishing this were all but a dream my soul feels incomplete.
I'm lost from defeat but forever you live inside of me.

Every minute of every hour my tears form a shower.
Of memories when I was just a little girl in a big world.
With your soft heart and promising words.
You were my angel here on earth helping me grow.
Into a beautiful white flower with loving power.
Now my world is shattered and your miles away.
In the sky above the clouds so gray drifting away.
But i know you'll forever live inside of me.

Visions of my life crumbling without you in it.
I miss you every minute I wish it didn't have to be.
But now you're an angel hovering over me.
Keeping me safe from all that's bad and I'm still sad.
Wishing the pain would escape from me and make me complete.
And I know you'll forever live inside of me.

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