Inside out

Miracles are murals on the wall of a temple
Occupied by believers who's hieroglyphics are spiritual
Now I'm seeing what was mentioned by the mouths of some angels
If I don't act now then the outcome could be painful
I must continue through the venue though I might not hear you
Because of blurry synagogues sending distorted signals
Should I follow myself to complete my mission
Can the measure of a man really determine his distance
I can't invite everyone cause then demons will visit
And make themselves at home and start cooking in the kitchen
As I continue to read on the temple walls what was written
I notice the torches burning at the end of the hall were diminishing
They only flickered when I stop so I took it that this is important
So to reignite what was right I continued to read
Which said if I succeed I'll be given the keys
To unlock my location but first to the task at hand
My movements must be precise cause I'm standing in quicksand
If I sink then I will loose contact with myself
Only I will be able to provide me with help
Suddenly I received keys and a door was opened
I walked through with a smile and these words were spoken
Make sure by any means that you clean your house
Which is the temple of God, inside out

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