Inside Teenager

Yup that's how I feel right now
Like a psycho, like fallen in love
Inside feels like messed up
While outside says “Whatsup”
“I’m fed up” I wanted to say
Cry out loud and run away
But I can’t see any other way.
They say “you can share with me”
But when its time no one’s free
I won’t say they are fake
But maybe just a litle more than for name sake
Or wait maybe it’s my fault
Maybe I am the dish without salt
No it’s not the “depression”
It’s just my “no-friend” version
Maybe I should talk to my parents
About how my life is full of dents
Cause I know they’ll help me out
But somewhere, somehow I still doubt
Well I hope I’ll soon meet my friend
'Cause I know this is just the beginning not the end
So I’ll now resume this game
And try to make my name

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