Inside the womb

They feed you with nuts and berries
and nourish your womb with milk and honey,
you seeded me, I blossomed into a fruit
Now they foster you and your body more
because I wasn’t inside you before.
You tell me stories and how your sky is tiffany blue,
Inside isn’t same but my cherry sky unfolded
when your cherry like womb budded into something new.
I wonder how the outside world looks like,
chaotic like them or quiet as you.
The voices around you sound so elated
when you talk to them and they speak of me
But I wish they could guess me correctly
for their blessings aren’t for me mother,
they grace only a baby boy and I can never be him.
All the autumn leaves tell that I’ll come out in spring
You know I won’t be their longing grandson
But a daughter only you wish to embrace and keep.
Oh mother! Let me see your open sky and your boundless sea
I want to know how big your world is
and uncover how green your earth appears to me.

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