Inside These Walls

Deeply devouring my inner soul.
They look at me but they'll never know.
Secrets lie within me from end to end
Twisting and twisting as it bends and bends.
The face you see isn't what makes up me.
I think with reason and morale.
But sometimes my emotions take another route.
360 all the way, a side that will never be seen face to face.
Blank walls are what appears in front of me but as I turn and turn.
it seems that its a different world filled with the same identities.
It sparked my world into dismay.
It left me clueless because they made me stay.
Structure is what they wanted to create.
Inside my head, they wished to relate.
Probing at me in hopes they would find the hidden treasure.
They took to it in every measure.
It created submissions but I wanted to hit it with full collision.
All I wanted was to end the mess from my bewildered stress.
End it all in an instance.
While no one knew because they stayed at a distance.
They didn't see the girl screaming from the inside.
I don't believe I deserve what's being thrown at me. Constantly.
They think I'm fine now because of my stay.
From inside my mind its always in a constant haze.
No one knows how I feel.
They will try but its likely they never will.
Read between the lines because you'll never know unless you ave tried.

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