Insignificant Pain

By Misty   

Christmas Day of twenty-fifteen,
Was the worst in many years.
It should've been a happy time,
But it was bad with many tears.

We walked into my brother's house,
Following behind my two little boys.
Expecting an inviting welcome but,
Instant silence replaced the noise.

Had we entered the wrong house?
Because it was very clear to see.
Although we were certainly invited,
No one was happy to see us three!

Silent glares from frowning faces,
Did I enter the wrong damn space?
Confused, I sat and wondered why,
Why did we feel so out of place?

Now it's time to enjoy the meal,
That was prepared for everyone.
I turned and looked at the table,
No spot was there for either son.

Finally, there was open seats,
Next to empty plates & crumbs.
They ate like they hadn't in days,
Reminded me of starving bums.

As I held back the painful tears,
That threatened then to overflow.
Don't they see that I'm really trying,
To understand what I do not know?

I couldn't comprehend back then,
What I have come to clearly see.
Knowing we weren't wanted there,
And you still invited the boys & me?

To you my pain was insignificant,
It ripped a canyon in my heart!
Tell me how to repair this damage,
When I don't know where to start?

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This Poems Story

My mother invited my sons and I to the Christmas get together my brother was having at his house after he told her on December 21,2015, "I know this sounds bad, but I don't want her or them there." Talking about me and the boys. And later on saying back to him the day before Christmas, "I didn't have the heart to tell her she couldn't come." But still invites us anyway like it wasn't a full blown embarrassing, humiliating, hurtful set up. I also have this one, and the others that I will upload, on my profile as well. Just letting everyone know that I am not stealing my own work. I am that same person. Lol