Insignificant Us

As I sip my coffee and punch my keys I realize I am insignificant me
That there is a world outside made of sky and trees.

Oceans are crashing and flowers are blooming
People I don't know are dying and I sit here assuming,
Assuming that I know all there is to know
That I have seen all the world has to show

You and I, him and her, share this Earth,
Yet there are people we have not met
And we continue to move forth.
We remain so consumed
Focused only on ourselves, our stride, our doom.

But what a wonderful place to truly see!
Open your eyes, people are falling in love over cups of tea.
In this second, someone is humming a song, someone is reading a book
Life is happening, whether or not we choose to look.

I am simply another human being,
Just like you and just like him
I have seen the Summer and I have seen the Spring
When I cease to breathe, the earth will still spin
People will still be born, while I will be ridden.

I am only insignificant me, and we are insignificant us.

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