insinty 1

well it's late at night, and the ghost of futures past,
come in to my head a calling, laughing and playing their games.
is their no rest? where can I go? what can I do?
get out get out I yell, and yet they still come.

again the ravings of a madman, lost in the insanity of the dreams
that never stop.
nightmares that only come in the hours of wakefulness,
in the sleep what sleep their is, I am lost in the pools of darkness,
on the brink of the abyss ready to fall, fall into that bottomless hole
that has no time no reason to be.

again the question comes why? why am I lost to this madness?
is their no place I can hide? no place I can go, to get relief from
the never ending sounds.

the silence is so loud I cry out help me oh god help me,
but their is no god to help, only the darkness of the night,
and the taunting of the sounds I hear in my mind,
projected into the air that bounce back at me,
louder and louder like a train coming ever closer to you in the night,
one you can't escape from.

hello! hello! is anyone their? who are you? where do you come from?
what do you want? their is no answer yet they keep calling,
over and over you don't need to be here, no one wants you,
come with us we'll take you to a place of rest,
no more to be tormented in the waking hours of tour torchered life.

come with us and we'll give you peace, peace in a restful place,
no longer to hear us but to be a part of us,
come play give up the life you have is forever lost as you can see.

come we will show you the way out, it will not hurt,
don't worry about the ones left behind,
for they will forget you in a matter of days,
all you will be is a footnote,
come join us, come be at peace be at rest, sleep sleep sleep at last.

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again another night in the mad house where not all thoughts are good ones.