My dearest sleep,
As I sit here and attempt to lull myself to you,
I cannot help but be afraid.
For I know what will come,
Once the darkness is in it's deep...
Your sitting there in the depths of my mind waiting for your cue,
To fill my unconscious body with fear and overtake
Where I've been and what I've done.

People say that I'm crazy,
They say a lot of things though.
People say I just need some medication
Yet it only helps to accomplish your one and only goal;
To destroy me from the inside out. I've been called lazy
Or that I'm stopping myself from a proper growth
But I know the truth you see I'm simply preventing a damnation,
From overcoming me and shredding my soul.

Sleep you do not bring peace,
Others simply disagree,
Now that I have seen past your glittering façade,
You feast on fear but you cannot be prevented ONLY DELAYED.

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