Insomnia, a long-time friend.
A friend who only comes to see me in the quiet of the night, waiting just around the bend.
Creeping in slowly, waiting for its moment to visit, as the day draws to an end.

It comes in a familiar pattern and shape.
Disguises itself as memories and thoughts of you that I can’t escape.
Hides itself in feelings of wanting you and images of you stuck to me like tape.

Knowing if it pretends to be my constant reminding of you,
I’ll blame its friend heartbreak for the reason I’m so blue.
Every night I crawl under the covers trying to hide from it, and these feelings I can’t subdue.

But it gets into bed next to me, and lays there with me
Making sure to touch me where you did, because it can’t just leave me be.
And when it leaves it leaves the door open behind it, to which I didn’t agree.

So it’s friend loneliness can come in as I’m drifting off to sleep beneath the moon beams
And make me think of you again through my tear gleams
So you can now fill my dreams.

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