Lately I can hardly sleep,
My insomnia has gotten worse.
My Mom thinks I am upto something,
I am doing this on purpose.
But how can I explain to her,
What happens every night.
What should I say to her,
'Mom I don't feel alright,
At night when I crawl to bed
The bed expands like a milky way,
And I become a center piece.
So much is happening around me Mom
Yet I feel so empty.
I feel alone mom
Lonely, left, discarded.
I know I am not
But I do feel them mom,
And I feel them so very much.
Even a drop of sorrow
Brings an ocean of grief
And I drown.
Yes I drown Mom, I drown.
Tossing and turning
For an ounce of sleep
And my night turns into day.
Mom its not over yet
Its not just for a day
But everyday.
My Galaxy expands
And I become sun.
The center of everything,
And everyday new mischief
Everyday the same
Terror run down my spine.
Its scary Mom,
I do want to sleep,
But my insomnia keeps me awake.
She would say
sleep with your brother
You won't feel alone.
And I won't be able to explain
That Mom I tried
But it doesn't work like that,
My universe doesn't accept company
They people become invaders.
And my world is very harsh with invaders Mom.
They fall asleep
With a snap of a finger
And I lay there next to them
Their breathing bothers me
The sound makes me uneasy.
My mind thinks of different ways
To make things a bit easy.
Some are darker than the night,
And I smile at the idea of them'.

Its not that easy Mom
I'm tired of staying awake all night.
I try my best to sleep every night,
But my insomnia keeps me awake.

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