People think that you can think up a poem in five minutes,
They think that inspiration is not that hard to find,
But they don’t know until they try,
That inspiration is quite the find.
If you stumble across it then,
Keep it locked up in your mind,
Because once it’s there it won’t stay long,
It’s like your mind is a cage,
And that little bit of inspiration is the bird,
Like when you coop up a bird for such a long time,
Then you let it out for merely a minute,
But it’ll be gone like the thoughts in your mind,
The ones you just can’t quite remember,
But you know they were there,
Because inspiration is everything,
Just hidden from the mind,
And to the blind eye a book is just a book,
But to me a book is a song,
A song about something,
Waiting to be sung with any tune,
But a poem is more,
A poem is the lifeline for the song,
And without the inspiration,
There is no poem,
Then there is no song,
And that my dear friend,
Is why inspiration is hard to find,
But keep it in your mind,
For you will lose it sometime,
And the poem that is the lifeline of everything else,
It cannot be made in five minutes,
Nor five hours for goodness sake,
So those people who think that,
Boy are they wrong,
Because it takes so long to make a song,
So imagine how long just a small poem will take,
And where the inspiration will come from.

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