What the hell is going on now a days
This shit is unbelievable as I sit shocked, yet amazed
Racism has never ended so that’s no surprise
But its like violence been set to 10 and hatred maximized
One day I sat and investigated the world
Sex trafficking, slave trading, molestation of little boys and girls
Hatred, violence, shit goes on and on
Gangs, shootings, deaths, just dumb shit, yet no ones in the wrong
Instead of laying down guns, either work it out or fight
They rather play God and end one’s life
I think that the bitch move, when you could just stay out of shit
Everything aint for everyone and its time they realize it
Now they say the children are our future
Imagine kids today having a say over what to do with ya
Don’t get me wrong they are very intelligent
But look at the disrespectful kids, its evident
The hate they learned is coming back times 10
Fighting a battle, no one will win
But change comes with the right leadership
Role models and positive innovators, to flip the script
We were once royalty and we are born to be great
Don’t let one incident alter your faith
We have gifts and talents that makes us natural hustlers to survive
An our ancestors went thru what they went thru for we can thrive
So, I will be the best me and will fight my battles to pass on to another
My words of inspiration for my sisters and brothers.

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