My teacher told me to write a poem
with rhyming words and happy places.
But I don't have anything to say
so I asked for inspiration.
My teacher seemed not to hear me
so I guess I'm on my own.
Inspiration.... Inspiration?
Bubble of inspiration growing
growing and growing
I am so excited now.
My inspiration bubble is getting bigger and bigger
Oh my teacher is sure to love this poem
with my inspiration so big.
This is going to be the top poem in the world.
My bubble is still growing it's never going to stop,
growing and growing
nothing can hold me back now,
my inspiration keeps getting larger and larger.
POP! my inspiration is gone.
The bell rings and I forget my inspiration in the classroom
and dash outside to play
So teacher please accept this poem instead.
I promise I had a rhyming inspiration poem in my head.
But the bubble popped before I could write it all down!
My inspiration poem disappeared.
So please accept this poem instead without my inspirational bubble.

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