What is inspiration? To be inspired to question inspiration?
Sometimes we are inspired to inspire
but in spite of our desires we desire to be inspired
Be it what you want it to be
inspiration is something only you can see
inspiration to strive for an "A" rather than a "D."
Music inspires, so sometimes we inquire, to sing in the choir.
Let inspiration lie within you, but don't be a liar
and you'd be lying if you said
you don't feel inspiration like fire.
Fire away your desires, desire more fire
apply for a job and get hired
never be inspired to act irrational and be fired.
This world spins like a tire
and quite frankly I'm quite tired of no one being inspired
so they inspire me to become king, call me sire!
Who desires to be a peasant? To be a king is much more pleasant.
To present yourself with gifts is the greatest of all presents.
A presentation of inspiration of the future
while inspiring the present.
That's what this is. An inspiration presentation
I'm not saying I can inspire the nation
but I'm inspired to be part of the national conversation
the conversation of conversing
with the angry and complacent
placing inspiration
helping people find a better placement.
Inspiration, inspiration is everywhere.

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