The path to success is crooked,
Always with ups and downs,
An amusingly painful magnificent scene,
A sweet bitter evolution,
With an amazingly cruel situation.

Advice,like a weapon“boomerang",
Multiplying ideas in seconds,
Bonding it in minutes,
A very expensive weapon,had to find,
When found,treasured liked gold,
Most powerful weapon used by men of old.

Goals,a powerful racing car,
Igniting ideas within a twinkle of an eye,
Generating enormously wise thoughts.
A power machine used when in need,
Making it blossom like a plant with a good seed.

Hard work,a shot to fire the shot-gun,
A manifestation of sumptuous ideas,
Which triggers ideas in actions,
Making it come into palatable reality,
Making the future glitter with light,
Destroying all rash of plight.

Failure,a thing no man desires,
It flies into the scene,complicating it,
Just correct the mistake and move on,
For it helps build the future,
Therefore growing a vision of futurity.

Diligence,an arrow to trigger the bow,
Setting goals on flaming fire,
Putting the gifted advice in use.
To char ideas into motion,
Setting ablaze the emotion.

Confidence,key to success,
A war weapon: breastplate,
Perseverance in tough situations,
The best friend to ever have,
Burning advice given into action,
Guarding your mind against negative thoughts.

Everybody's designed to be successful,
No man was designed to be a failure,
Working as hard as a bee,
Believe in yourself, who you really are,
You'll be someone great tomorrow...

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