Inspire Me

Write a poem, you say?
Write a poem about anything I wish?
Well answer me this:
Would you put me in an empty kitchen
And tell me to bake you a pie?
Would you bring me a hammer
And ask me to build you a house
Without providing even the tiniest sliver of lumber?
Would you give me a kite on a windless day
And demand that I fly it?
Would you do all this and then proceed
To be frustrated and annoyed with me
For failing to complete these impossible tasks?
I didn't think so.
Then how can you expect me to write you a poem
Without any inspiration?
You cannot force someone to be inspired.
You cannot create inspiration,
Nor materialize it out of thin air.
It must be extracted from something,
Like juice from an orange, by the poet alone.
So do not expect me
To write you a beautiful, heartfelt, lengthy poem
If you neglect to give me some source of

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