Inspire My Aspiring Pillar

Recurring questions, which wandered to the outside and back to the feeble mind
Have finally found answers
For decades, I have struggled to my spirit, bind
To separate these confusing clusters
My struggles were not in vain
I have found the everlasting pillar
In every toil, it gives gain
Even to it, bows a dollar
Inspiration upholds
Inspiration keeps erect
Inspiration props and holds
Inspiration is a prop in effect
Keep your doubts unreleased
I have a tale to tell
It upholds the dignity of the clergy before his audience
It moulds the reputation of the writer before his readers
It boosts the image of the teacher before his apprentice
It saves the integrity of the spokesman before his listeners
Are you still unconvinced?
I have more to tell
It confirms the intelligence of the teacher to his students
It helps the service renderer to keep his job
It reasserts the coherence of a Lawyer to his panel of arguments
It teaches the entertainers to know how to please the mob
Are you still unconvinced?
I have some more to tell
It enables the philosopher to impact with philosophy
It affirms the ingenuity of the manufacturer to his customer
It helps the citizens to escape apathy
It shines like the sparkles of the stars to the astrologer
Unconvinced, still, are you?
Then surely, you must be a fool
The creator himself
The master of all letters
Is inspired by the inspiration of self
To break all fetters
Inspiration, I tell you
Is of pillars, the pillar
It is a spring, it makes the earth renew
It is the everlasting pillar
The everlasting pillar it is
With ever-supported beams

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