Inspired By Grandma

She's honest, and godly, and smart
With a heart that rings truer than true
She keeps each family member in line
With a soft(ahem) word or two.
I've quietly listened to the stories she tells
About the hard work of days long ago
When her parents ran a gas station, raised two kids
And on the side, made peonies grow.
Then come the thrilling adventures
Of raising her brood of five
The tricks that parents with young'uns pull
When they need just to survive.
Following those are tales that turn quiet
After the sudden loss of a lifetime mate,
But with kids still at home
She gracefully accepted her widowed fate.
Weaving these stories through all our lives
Has created a full, bright, leafy family tree.
She continues to learn and to love
And that's how my grandma has inspired me.

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