Inspired By Miles

Still not over now though the places have changed
How this scenery somehow remains stained
With white heat and fire, scorched homes, crumbled towers
Built to inevitably be destroyed
Even when painstakingly alloyed
No rest after fight, no blinding search lights
To guide towards any promised respites

There’s hope somewhere still, but a dwindling will
Those placid blue waters, must I never let falter
As once that is gone
All that lives; a bitter pawn
Crooning the wrongs
Making horror my song
I can’t let this work that’s been done pass along
Though the towers have fallen, the homes been forgotten
Standing amidst all this hurt is a lost girl who fought,
Who wanders, who wonders, who plunders, and hungers
For this shame and this slaughter to retire and not haunt her
For the rest of this life please be released from this strife
Of wrongs not set right and those vile insights
If only my days had been awe filled and bright
Maybe it wouldn’t feel like such a dire fight
Between hope and despair
Yet nothing of me is beyond my repair

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