Life’s caving in
My demons have finally found a way
To knock me down
and drown me
behind the false promise
That maybe tomorrow I’ll be fine
I’ve tried fighting back
I tried getting help from friends
But it just got worse
The demons learned
To scream over them
To make me believe opposites
Forcing me to sit chained
To the reality
I didn’t know what to do
It’s finally time for round two
and this time
I’m not going to fight back
But I’m not listening either
The demons can wait
my reality can take a break
The demons around me
Are nothing compared
To what is going on in the world
My small world
Life’s caving in
So why am I sitting here worried about myself
Worrying about things
That won’t even matter
I have to start fighting
It’s just not my own demons I’m
Taking a stand against
To friends
To family
Sorry I got distracted along the way
I’m back
I’m ready to help
I won’t let my own problems
Stop me from facing real ones

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