By Chrissy   

It has been my misfortune - to run into you
In the midst of a tangible, real-life crowd,
It has been my misfortune that I never knew -
Remembering you was not even allowed.
Now you've captured my jealousy in black-and-white,
Now it's screaming through millions of Instagram posts,
I am trying to write comments like "I'm alright",
But, in fact, I am no better than a sobbing ghost.
I've no right to be angry with those golden hair
Which are burning against your black-shirted, wide chest,
I've no right to say that she casts me in despair,
I've no right to exclaim that she's taken the best.
Her eyes warming your face, and yours - gleaming with joy,
And mine - glued to the screen, like those of a small child,
Who has just been deprived of her favourite toy -
I've once been a good girl, now - a creature run wild...

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This Poems Story

I have just imagined a situation in which an online platform tells more about a person then a real-life meeting. You manage to fall in love with someone, and then discover via Instagram (or, actually, any other type of social media), that he/she already has a partner. That leaves you with a broken heart and the understanding that your rival is not to be blamed for your false expectations. The photo you have discover becomes your torture - and can even change your personality, if your feelings have been very strong. The image is taken from