Instructions To My Portrait Artist

By Megs   

Capture me when I have light in my eyes and a giggle tickling my tongue.
Wrap me in a warm candle-light glow,
So that I will never be cold again.
I want to be wearing a white skirt, as to always remember how the warm sand felt underneath my bare feet.

Paint the tears in my eyes as I double over in hysterical laughter,
The chalk covering my sore hands as I finish yet another grueling workout,
The absolute love I feel when I kneel with my hands clasped together,
Or the simple joy of creating a figure out of nothing but charcoal and paper.

Yes, these are beautiful. But so was the friend that I lost too soon, with a smile brighter than the sun.
The ache of a shattered heart that taught me to be strong,
And the tears of frustration and anger that taught me patience.
Never forget to paint these with fine lines.
Not too dark, not too light.

Paint my joy and sorrow for everyone to see,
But don’t pay too much attention to the skin that covers it.
Draw my heart, and let this be the largest part.
Let everyone have a piece,
There's enough to go around.

Behind me, I would like the stars to be playful but bold.
You know, the same stars that show me who to be, what to feel.
Let them twinkle and wave,
Humble and amaze.
But whatever you do, don’t let my feet touch the ground,
I prefer to fly free.

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