Your fingers slip away into the wispy air
like fickle feathers
Your lips, supple and surreal,
melt into a phantom smile
caressing the deepest corners of my heart
while I lay stranded upon beaches emblazoned by earth\'s brightest beauty
Ocean waves clasp in an inseparable unison
but missing you is a cancer soothed only by the tears
of a torrential sky

I miss the way the moon bathed your skin
in its turquoise glow
the smoothness of your belly beneath my palm
the way the thunder echoed your climaxes during a magnificent midnight
I miss how the lightning in our eyes struck simultaneously
like comets colliding
boundless, extravagant
and exhilarating

The waves and wind ride a little lower
a little slower
as curtains of darkness and silence collapse upon the horizon
My memory softens
I clutch the ghost of you
and my hand closes upon intangible love

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