In herself, what did they seek?
They debilitated her heart & she was to speak
with every sincere word only the truth awoke,
in which the Devil heard and thought it a joke.
Though the atrocities of what had passed seemed to have been haunting her,
she omitted all the creeping laughs making those moments a sudden blur.
Accepting that of the past with intentions of moving on,
her conscience just didn’t last & others just weren’t fond.
Every breath of her pain was absorbed by malice
for it was to be used against her honest palace;
but when those cannon balls were to be fired
She’d be in full armor & ready to not tire.

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This Poems Story

The idea of writing about a girl that has been tortured but has overcome her adversity, came about when I was just tired of hearing authorities telling me what to do. I think we should do what we love, whether other people approve of it or not. Abstractly, this poem just means that one shouldn't give up no matter how many times they've failed in the past, because there's a future in which one may succeed.