Intellectual Intercourse

Im here alone inside my head,
This dark and sinful place.
Lost forever in these stories,
Trapped inside this maze.
And every sentence i have read,
Will begin to change.
Switch misery with happiness,
And good will flip to pain.

The madman with the melted face,
Turned and looked my way.
His lips will crack, show teeth of black,
As if he were to say.
Try to live forever,
But death will not delay.
Ripened flesh will turn to dust,
And we will all decay.

My vision starts to blur, words slur,
And everything is in a haze.
The oceans stir, reveal murders,
And hell will surely start to raise.
Every stories different but,
Are you brave to turn the page?
When i say this stories yours,
It's your future you will face.

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